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Power Electronics Application Fields

Our Power Electronics devices are currently used in the application fields:

aircraft ground power unit

Aircraft Ground Power Units (GPU): When parked on the ground an aircraft cannot use the normal 50Hz (or 60Hz in America) mains power as it needs 400Hz power. As a result, airports need GPU to allow the aircraft to function whilst on the ground.

shore power converter
Marine & Offshore

Shore Power Converter: it allows boats to plug in at any dock all over the world, regardless of the Frequency and the Voltage provided by the Marina.

automotive test benches

By powering test benches with our power conversion systems it is possible to test powertrains and automotive components at several different Frequencies and Voltages with an extended Power range.

household isolation system
Household Appliances

Beside the testing of electric motors our technology is used to verify the isolation system on the partial discharge testing.

busbar switches

Testing busbar impedance and quality of its connection points. Testing of magnetothermic switches and automatic circuit breakers.

powering military electronic equipments

Supporting the Italian Army in their missions around the world by powering their electrical and electronic equipment in areas where the local mains power is not compatible with the European specifications.

ozone water treatment
Water Depuration Systems

Water Depuration carried out through Ozone Generators supplied by our Power Sources with 800Hz Frequency output.

power line test
Electrical Grid Testing

Supplying transformers in medium and high Voltage Power Grids modulating Voltage and Frequency up to the resonance point with the scope to detect breaking points on the power lines.

valves certification
Oil Pipelines

Valves certification procedure upon variation of Voltage and Frequency values through our Power Sources.

power conversion hospital
Hospitals and Healthcare facilities

Our Power Conversion equipment can be used as Frequency and Voltage Stabilizer deployed between the facility and the diesel generator reducing and stabilizing its unstable spiking outputs.

testing LED drivers
Lighting Devices

Testing of incandescent and LED Lighting fixtures at different Voltage ranges as well as testing of LED drivers.

industrial burners

Testing of industrial burners assessing Inrush current value and its duration.

remote areas phase conversion
Remote Areas

In some African Regions our Power Sources are used to convert the single-phase mains power line to a three-phase system compatible with the local electrical devices.

regulatory lab test
Certification and Regulatory Labs

Measure and Regulatory Labs – Our Frequency and voltage converters are used to power electric devices for regulatory testing.

climatic chamber
Climatic Chambers

Devices tested at different environmental and electrical conditions powered by our Power Conversion solutions regulating Voltage and Frequency.

power conversion motorhome

These vehicles, like the Boats and Yachts in the marine sector, need to work in any corner of the Globe. Our Power Conversion technology, worldwide compatible, supplies their electrical equipment irrespective of the local mains power line specifications.