MCB Electronics Products

We can offer a broad range of customizable power conversion solutions: MCB Electronics products are AC Power Sources, Current Generators (AC/AC and AC/DC), Industrial AC/DC Power Supplies which can work in Battery Charger mode.

AC Power Source: Power-Boost

Power-Boost Series is a value for money cost-effective solution to meet the needs of Frequency conversion, Voltage regulation and stabilization, especially for high power applications where also the three-phase power is available.

AC Power Source: Power-Trust

Power-Trust is like Power-Boost without any transformer and available as standard just in Three to Single Phase (TS) version

Current Generator: Power-Flow

Current Generators are special AC Power Sources able to provide an arbitrarily high output current (up to tens of thousand of Amps) and a low output voltage (less than 10V). AC Input, AC and DC Output.

Industrial AC/DC Power Supply: Power-Spin

A versatile, comprehensive and customizable AC input DC output power supply. It accepts any AC mains (automatic AC mains configuration detection). Power rating from 1 kW to 200kW.

Industrial Battery Charger

Designed to allow the charging of lead batteries, it differs from classic battery chargers because it allows to charge up to 5 accumulators of different type. It is offered either in a single drawer or in boxes with 1 to 5 drawers. The powering is simplified by clamps with extractable cables located at the bottom of the box.

Products in R&D

Our R&D Engineers are always working on new improvements, features and products. In fact, these are our ongoing projects:

DC/DC Power Source: Power-Gen

High-Spec Device DC/DC with multiple functions suitable for solar inverters, solar battery chargers, motors, battery module packs, DC/DC converters

Work In Progress

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