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Company Overview

MCB Electronics was founded in 1996 in Como, from the idea of ​​three entrepreneurs who wanted to create an innovative and different reality in the power electronics sector. With strong international experience, they have established their headquarters in the productive and technological heart of Lombardy, enriching this company project with collaborators who create solutions for customers on a daily basis.

In just twenty years of life, MCB Electronics has managed to position itself in more than 45 countries around the world and to characterize itself as the only all-Italian company to offer truly tailor-made technological solutions in this field.

Service, consultancy, ability to transform and create, effectiveness, efficiency, competitiveness, before and after sales assistance are the strengths of this reality, which allow it to condense 3 macro functions into a single device, finding application in more than 30 technological fields.


From the Origins to the International Expansion

Our Logo: Decision and Interconnection.

old mcb logo for comparisonnew mcb logo for comparison

The decision is represented by the clarity of the font and by the Blue color, declined in the elegant and traditionalist shades of “Navy Blue”.
So the concept of point connects to the other principle underlying the new philosophy, well represented by the typographic creation of empty spaces.

The points of interconnection, are the empty points between the letters M, C and B, a void that is full, since our products electronically and electrically connect distant points, filling the needs with our customers and the technological gaps of competitors.

Therefore, we wanted to include our sector, “electronics”, using the black color to clearly communicate what our core business is and using the English language, to represent the internationality of our horizon.

Finally, we find the minimalist lines in the Italian tricolor, which is placed in the center with elegance and essentialism. It will be present on all our devices that will be launched from today with pride in the future of a new all-Italian technology.