Current Generators

Up to 150 kVA

Up to 40 kA

AC or DC Output

Current Generators are special AC Power Sources able to provide an arbitrarily high output current and a low output voltage.


The typical application for these Power Electronic Devices are Industry related, for example:


Testing a busbar impedance and the quality of its connection points.

Magnetothermic switches

Testing magnetothermic switches and automatic circuit breakers.

Output Power

MCB can produce Current Generators in any current and power range, both AC and DC. For instance, we delivered these unique devices:

AC – 20kVA

– Single phase output
– Current adjustable between 10 to 4000 A
– Maximum voltage 5V
– Power: 1 phase x 4000A x 5V = 20kVA

AC – 150kVA

– Three phase output
– Current adjustable between 500 to 6250 A
– Maximum voltage 8V
– Power: 3 phase x 6000A x 8V = 150kVA

DC – 90kW

– Input 3x350Vac – 440Vac – 50/60Hz
– Output Current adjustable between 1000Amp and 15000Amp
– Output Voltage adjustable between 1Vdc and 6Vdc
– Output Power: 6Vdc x 15000A = 90kW
– Selection of current peak duration

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