Current Generator

Up to 150kVA Output Power

Up to 40 kA Output Current

Less than 10V Output Voltage

AC or DC Output Power

What is a Current Generator?

Current Generators are special AC Power Sources able to provide an arbitrarily high output current (up to tens of thousand of Amps) and a low output voltage (less than 10V).

In other words, the generator’s output current is static and constant (as decided by the user), while the voltage on the output terminals depends on the load. Hence, if the load can absorb the set current without exceeding the voltage limit, the generator can work properly, otherwise the protection triggers.

How do current generators work?

current generator scheme

MCB’s Current Generators convert energy with these steps:

  • Rectification of the three-phase AC input voltage to DC
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) with high power Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT)
  • Output filter
  • For AC generators, an output transformer converts the current back to AC

Since there are no moving parts, the dynamic response is linear and fast (e.g. from 0 to 6’000 Amps in about 150ms).

Our Current Generators – The Power Flow


  • Equipped with isolation autotransformer
  • For AC Output, the phases working modes are:
    • SS (single-phase input and output)
    • TS (three-phase input single-phase output)
    • TT (three-phase input and output)
  • For DC Output, input can be either single-phase or three-phase.
  • Mechanical: Rack 19″, Towers and Maxi-Towers
  • Control Panels:
    • LCD Display 4×40 along with command buttons
    • LCD 7″ touchscreen along with encoder
  • Communication Interfaces (Remote Control):
    • Physical Interfaces: RS-232, Ethernet, 12 poles I/O (0-10 Vdc)
    • Communication protocols: SCPI (over RS-232 and Ethernet)
    • LabView Drivers


  • Current regulation
  • Setup of the maximum current value
  • Sensing Function (Voltage drop compensation)
  • For AC output
    • 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz quartz output frequencies
    • Frequency regulation (40-80Hz) or custom ranges
    • CosΦ and Frequency values visualization

Current Generator Applications

The typical Current Generator applications are industry related, for example:

busbar switches for industry


Testing busbar impedance and quality of its connection points.

magnetothermic switch
Magnetothermic Switches

Magnetothermic Switches

Testing of magnetothermic switches and automatic circuit breakers.

power and test any type of electric motor
Electric Motors Testbench

Electric Motors Testbench

Powering of electric motors testbenches.

Shunt Calibration

Shunt Calibration

Current Generators are used for Shunt calibration and testing by providing fixed high current.

Testing Current and Winding Transformers

Testing Current and Winding Transformers

Current Generators are used for testing current and winding transformers, providing fixed high current values for pre-determined time intervals.

Case History of Current Generators

MCB Electronics design and deliver Current Generators in any reasonable configuration of current, voltage and frequency ranges, both AC and DC. These machines are very particular, so they must be tailored to the customer requirements. Therefore, we don’t have a standard product family, but we respond to customers inquiries. For instance, we delivered these unique devices:

Other examples

Do you want to know more about our Current Generators? For help, inquiries and customizations, Get in touch with us!