Modular Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply

5kW to 180kW Output Power

Output Current up to 4500A

Regenerative Load Function

Programmable Sequence Function


The POWER-GEN series is a wide-range high-power bidirectional programmable DC power supply with both DC power supply and regenerative load functions. It can not only realize the source function, but also can be used as a regenerative load to feed the absorbed energy back to the power grid to realize the two-way flow of energy.
The voltage range of POWER-GEN series is from 80V to 2250V, the current of a single machine can reach 4500A, and the maximum power of a single machine is 180kW. It can achieve seamless switching between source and load dual quadrants, and has broad test functions and user friendly HMI. It has a wide range of applications in high-power test scenarios such as automotive, renewable energy, high-speed testing, high-power testing etc …

Regenerative Load Function

POWER-GEN series products have a regenerative load function, which can feed back the energy of the device under test to the factory intranet for direct use, instead of dissipating it in the form of thermal energy. Its energy feedback conversion efficiency is as high as 95%, which can not only greatly reduce the electricity cost of users, but also avoid the use of air conditioners and other refrigeration systems and reduce noise.

In a nutshell

  • Output power: standalone modules from 5kW to 180kW, parallel up to 1800 kW;
  • 18 kW / 3U high power density, standard 19’’ Rack design;
  • Output voltage: from 80V to 2250V;
  • Output current: up to ±4500A;
  • Regenerative load function, regenerative efficiency up to 95%;
  • Bi-directional power transfer, seamless switch between sourcing and sinking;
  • Power factor 0.99, efficiency > 93%;
  • Remote Sensing;
  • Adjustable voltage/current slew rate;
  • Voltage ramp function; charge/discharge function;
  • User programmable sequence function;
  • Battery simulator function (optional);
  • Support PV array I-V Curve (optional);
  • OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, LVP etc. protection functions;
  • CV, CC, CP, CR function;
  • CV / CC priority start (prevents voltage or current overshoot with output ON);
  • Standard LAN, USB (serial), optional RS485, GPIB or CAN ports;
  • Support SCPI, MODBUS, CAN-OPEN (optional) protocol.

Industrial DC/DC Power Supplies Applications

The typical applications for our DC Power Supplies are industry related, for example:

Electric Motors


Battery Packs

Lighting and drivers


Solar Panels

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