MCB Electronics and Giakova Srl announce an important collaboration and strategic partnership agreement. Giakova Srl, starting from May 2021 will distribute the new MCB Electronics product lines exclusively throughout the national territory. MCB Electronics based in Villa Guardia (CO) and active since 1996 designs, manufactures and exports power electronics equipment all over the world with a concept based on strong customization and versatility, covering numerous market applications. Giakova based in Settimo Milanese (MI) and active since 1992 is a consolidated distribution reality that, thanks to its deep technical skills combined with a widespread presence on the national territory, distributes cutting-edge measuring instruments and power electronics equipment on the Italian market.

In conjunction with MCB’s 25th year of activity, with numbers constantly growing both in terms of turnover and operational team, it is a reason for pride to start this exclusive partnership in Italy. Our brand, our know-how, our added value of custom solutions will be promoted and best represented by a team of technically and commercially qualified professionals with a work and human ethic equivalent to the values ​​of MCB. Giakova will be our right hand not only in the further development of the Italian market, but an essential asset in a shared path of continuous monitoring of market trends and consequent design of new technological projects

Francesco Franco MCB Electronics Sales Director

We are really proud of the partnership established with MCB, certain that this collaboration will strengthen both companies in a market with increasingly fierce competitors. Our entire team is oriented and encouraged to achieve the common goal: to expand and make our solutions known to an ever wider audience.

Giakova Team

Villa Guardia (CO), Italy – 30/04/2021