MCB Electronics, a leading provider of electrical equipment, recently supplied a cutting-edge voltage generator to a major customer in the medical field. The customer required a reliable and versatile solution for testing medical machines and sterilizers before their market launch. MCB Electronics successfully met this challenge by delivering a high-performance voltage generator capable of meeting specific voltage and frequency requirements.

Meeting Precise Voltage and Frequency Needs:

The customer had two primary needs. Firstly, they needed to test their machines at specific and precise voltage and frequency settings. Secondly, they required a solution to test machines designed for the American market, which operates on a different current standard compared to Europe.

MCB Electronics’ Customized Solution:

To fulfill these requirements, MCB Electronics provided a state-of-the-art voltage generator with variable frequency capabilities, tailored to the customer’s technical specifications. The complexity of the task stemmed from the diverse nature of the medical products being tested. These products consist of various components, such as motors, compressors, resistors, and sophisticated electronic circuits, all operating simultaneously. This presented a challenge in terms of creating high absorption peaks during different operational phases while simultaneously supplying different types of loads, including resistive, capacitive, and inductive loads exceeding 45 kW. Additionally, each test line had to accommodate up to three sterilizers.

Versatility in Frequency Generation:

In terms of frequency, the generator provided by MCB Electronics offered exceptional flexibility. It could produce a linear frequency range of 40 to 80 Hz [± 1%] or frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz [± 0,01%]. This ensured compatibility with a wide range of medical devices and allowed the customer to conduct accurate and reliable tests across multiple frequency scenarios.

MCB Electronics showcased their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction by delivering a customized voltage generator that precisely met the unique requirements of their medical industry client. The order was also realized in record time; from order acquisition to shipment of the finished product took about ten weeks. The advanced features and capabilities of the generator allowed for comprehensive testing of medical machines and sterilizers, ensuring their compliance with regulatory standards and smooth market deployment. MCB Electronics continues to be a trusted partner for companies operating in demanding industries, delivering innovative electrical solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Francesco Franco