Any new engineering project requires first analytical and planning skills and then commitment, drive, method and passion in a close-knit interaction between marketing and R&D department.
Here in MCB Electronics, where the ingenuity meets the technological boutique concept, we promote the association person-project where any professional can freely come up with an idea and develop it in compliance with the guidelines and the road-map set out by the sales & marketing department.

As of February 1st 2022, we are enthusiastic and excited to announce the launch into the market of our new AC power source Power-Boost SS (1-phase input, 1-phase output) equipped with a captivating, charming and innovative 7’’ LCD touch screen panel geared with the most complete array of functions currently available at MCB Electronics.
In attachment an overview with most of the implemented features.
Our Engineer Mr Fabio Pietrini, is undoubtedly an example of how much MCB believes in his collaborators: from his diploma in Electronics to his degree in Electronics Engineering until the completion of this outstanding brilliant job, Fabio has had the luck and honour to see the company growing and deeply transforming

Have a look at the product brochure here!

Villa Guardia (CO), Italy – 17/01/2022