MCB Electronics has designed and developed a versatile customizable AC/DC system perfectly suitable for powering test stands dedicated to UAV and Wind Tunnels applications: MCB Power-Spin.

Power-Spin was inspired and conceived by the cooperation with the Canadian Tyto Robotics: their need to power their test stands with reliable custom AC/DC power supplies motivated us to accept the “challenge”.  

A huge thank to Charles Blouin and Joffrey Ferry who firmly believed in MCB Electronics since day one: we are thrilled to see our technology accompanying Tyto’s test stands around the world. First installations deployed in Porto Rico, Canada and US.

Powering test stands controlling propellers performances has never been easier.
Thanks to MCB Power-Spin, UAV test stands designers and UAV manufacturers can brilliantly test any drone bypassing the on-board battery with the following upsides:

·    power supply continuity during the long endurance tests without any interruption due to battery replacement or battery recharge,

·    limitation of the charging cycles and therefore, preservation of the battery performances

·    dramatic reduction of the fire risk typical of any storage system at the production/testing facility
Starting from a single custom module is possible to parallelize more units in order to meet the most various output Voltage and Amperage ranges required by the customer.

MCB Power-Spin can support any worldwide AC mains electricity in input according to the required and specified specifications provided by the customer.

Upon express request, MCB put in place the option to equip the Power-Spin with an external device capable to automatically detect the local AC mains electricity and accordingly setting up the unit in output without any human interaction.

Villa Guardia (CO), Italy – 09/12/2021