MCB Electronics and Caltech AB announce an important strategic partnership and collaboration agreement.
Caltech AB, starting from 1st July 2021, will exclusively distribute the new MCB Electronics product lines on the entire Nordic Region including Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
MCB Electronics based in Villa Guardia (CO) and active since 1996 designs, manufactures and exports power electronics equipment all over the world with a concept based on strong customization and versatility, covering numerous market applications.

Caltech AB, a Swedish company located in Vallingby, is a consolidated distribution reality that, thanks to its deep technical skills combined with a widespread presence in Scandinavia, distributes cutting-edge measuring instruments and first tier power electronics equipment.

In MCB we have quickly evolving and in order to keep up with this transformation we have to rely on solid reliable partnerships across the World. Caltech and its team has been receptive on embracing our Company vision and roadmap since day one. We are confident that this long-lasting bond will generate mutual added value in a geographic area commercially still unexplored and pristine for us.

Francesco Franco, MCB Electronics Sales Director

Caltech AB’s are incredibly happy that this collaboration has taken place and we look forward to introducing MCB to both new and existing customers. With MCB Electronics on board, we get another opportunity to offer complete solutions to our customers.

Mats Svensson, Caltech AB General Manager

Villa Guardia (CO), Italy & Vällingby, Sweden – 14/06/2021