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Partnership with RJ AUTOMATYKA

MCB ELECTRONICS and RJ AUTOMATYKA announce an important strategic partnership and collaboration agreement.

RJ AUTOMATYKA, as of 1st May 2022, will be implementing the new MCB ELECTRONICS product lines into their forefront automation solutions in Poland.

MCB ELECTRONICS based in Italy and active since 1996 designs, manufactures and exports power ELECTRONICS equipment all over the world with a concept based on strong customization and versatility, covering numerous market applications.

RJ AUTOMATYKA is a leader in Design and Construction of custom automated machines and production lines as well as implementation of measuring station united to a strong competence both in hardware and software. System Integration at its finest at the service of Electrics, Automatics, Robotics and Pneumatics fields.

This cooperation has been made possible thanks to the hard work of both the parties and specifically through the mediation between Mr Robert Kwarciak, Sales Manager Poland of MCB ELECTRONICS and Mr Dawid Wylenżek, Development and Implementation Director of RJ AUTOMATYKA.

Villa Guardia (CO), Italy – 14/04/2022

New Power Boost Premium SS with 7″ LCD

Any new engineering project requires first analytical and planning skills and then commitment, drive, method and passion in a close-knit interaction between marketing and R&D department.
Here in MCB Electronics, where the ingenuity meets the technological boutique concept, we promote the association person-project where any professional can freely come up with an idea and develop it in compliance with the guidelines and the road-map set out by the sales & marketing department.

As of February 1st 2022, we are enthusiastic and excited to announce the launch into the market of our new AC power source Power-Boost SS (1-phase input, 1-phase output) equipped with a captivating, charming and innovative 7’’ LCD touch screen panel geared with the most complete array of functions currently available at MCB Electronics.
In attachment an overview with most of the implemented features.
Our Engineer Mr Fabio Pietrini, is undoubtedly an example of how much MCB believes in his collaborators: from his diploma in Electronics to his degree in Electronics Engineering until the completion of this outstanding brilliant job, Fabio has had the luck and honour to see the company growing and deeply transforming

Have a look at the product brochure here!

Villa Guardia (CO), Italy – 17/01/2022

Partnership with TYTO ROBOTICS

MCB Electronics has designed and developed a versatile customizable AC/DC system perfectly suitable for powering test stands dedicated to UAV and Wind Tunnels applications: MCB Power-Spin.

Power-Spin was inspired and conceived by the cooperation with the Canadian Tyto Robotics: their need to power their test stands with reliable custom AC/DC power supplies motivated us to accept the “challenge”.  

A huge thank to Charles Blouin and Joffrey Ferry who firmly believed in MCB Electronics since day one: we are thrilled to see our technology accompanying Tyto’s test stands around the world. First installations deployed in Porto Rico, Canada and US.

Powering test stands controlling propellers performances has never been easier.
Thanks to MCB Power-Spin, UAV test stands designers and UAV manufacturers can brilliantly test any drone bypassing the on-board battery with the following upsides:

·    power supply continuity during the long endurance tests without any interruption due to battery replacement or battery recharge,

·    limitation of the charging cycles and therefore, preservation of the battery performances

·    dramatic reduction of the fire risk typical of any storage system at the production/testing facility
Starting from a single custom module is possible to parallelize more units in order to meet the most various output Voltage and Amperage ranges required by the customer.

MCB Power-Spin can support any worldwide AC mains electricity in input according to the required and specified specifications provided by the customer.

Upon express request, MCB put in place the option to equip the Power-Spin with an external device capable to automatically detect the local AC mains electricity and accordingly setting up the unit in output without any human interaction.

Villa Guardia (CO), Italy – 09/12/2021

power test bench

The necessity of any home appliance manufacturer is ensuring that:

End of line testing

A) any machine is compatible and reliable with any AC mains supply across the globe. This concept is essential to allow a safe and extended export of the goods regardless the Country where they’re made in.

B) any machine complies with all the local electrical safety standards and it perfectly works within certain tolerances in input of voltage, frequency and current according to the regulations enforced for electronic and electrical consumer goods. These regulations may vary from country to country.

C) during the development process of a new product, the R&D departments need to carry out a series of qualitative tests of different nature. Durability tests at different worldwide AC mains configurations are essential to check the full reliability of the new product before proceeding with the product launch stage.

Test Bench

In order to check functionality and reliability of the household appliances, once they have completed the assembly stage, they are subjected to a series of end-of-line tests most performed through test benches supplied by industrial power sources.

It’s at this stage that MCB Electronics expertise kicks in and becomes a factor with its wide array of technological custom solutions: powering test benches of home appliances multinationals has always been our core business.

AC power source

MCB AC power sources are the right solution to carry out qualitative and durable electrical tests consisting in regulating voltage, frequency and current values according to the AC mains supply configurations arbitrarily set by the manufacturer.

Power sources themselves have to be compliant to different norms and regulations (i.e. CTL-OP 110) in order to allow their use either in laboratories or production end-of-lines. MCB power sources are compliant with any regulation in force at an international level.

Worldwide Compatible

Example: a washing machine is manufactured in Poland in a production line supplied by the local Polish AC mains with 220Vac 50Hz. The manufacturer wants to ensure that the washing machine can work in US (110-120Vac 60Hz) and Japan (100Vac 60Hz). At the end-of-line It’s essential the deployment of a test bench powered by a MCB power source capable to convert the local AC mains supply to the targeted configurations.

Only when the washing machine will have passed all the qualitative tests at both the AC mains configurations it will be considered approved and ready to be brought into the market.

Exclusive distribution partnership


MCB Electronics and Giakova Srl announce an important collaboration and strategic partnership agreement. Giakova Srl, starting from May 2021 will distribute the new MCB Electronics product lines exclusively throughout the national territory. MCB Electronics based in Villa Guardia (CO) and active since 1996 designs, manufactures and exports power electronics equipment all over the world with a concept based on strong customization and versatility, covering numerous market applications. Giakova based in Settimo Milanese (MI) and active since 1992 is a consolidated distribution reality that, thanks to its deep technical skills combined with a widespread presence on the national territory, distributes cutting-edge measuring instruments and power electronics equipment on the Italian market.

In conjunction with MCB’s 25th year of activity, with numbers constantly growing both in terms of turnover and operational team, it is a reason for pride to start this exclusive partnership in Italy. Our brand, our know-how, our added value of custom solutions will be promoted and best represented by a team of technically and commercially qualified professionals with a work and human ethic equivalent to the values ​​of MCB. Giakova will be our right hand not only in the further development of the Italian market, but an essential asset in a shared path of continuous monitoring of market trends and consequent design of new technological projects

Francesco Franco MCB Electronics Sales Director

We are really proud of the partnership established with MCB, certain that this collaboration will strengthen both companies in a market with increasingly fierce competitors. Our entire team is oriented and encouraged to achieve the common goal: to expand and make our solutions known to an ever wider audience.

Giakova Team
Villa Guardia (CO), Italy - 30/04/2021